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House Leader Chimwendo Banda spells out Chakwera’s blueprint to transform Malawi into middle class economy

CHIMWENDO BANDA: Under the leadership of Chakwera, the country has made unprecedented investments

Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda has asserted that Malawi will be a middle class economy “very soon” under the “Solomonic wisdom” of President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.

Chimwendo was speaking in Parliament today at the end of the 3rd meeting in the 50th Session of Parliament.

In his remarks, Chimwendo outlined several initiatives and developmental policies that government has managed to successfully done to improve the welfare of poor Malawians.

He cited out the wiping out blackouts in the country which had a negative impact on the growth of the economy as most middle class traders were hamstrung.

Further to that Chimwendo boasted of pumping more money to help those who were affected by the cyclone flooding last year by giving them K50,000 per month and building house for them.

The cash transfer money has been raised from K2 million to K3 million with an aim of cushioning the disadvantaged from devaluation and other related ailments.

“Under the leadership of Chakwera, the country has made unprecedented investments in modern infrastructure taking the country into new beacon of hope. The high quality of nation’s infrastructure is a key determinant in shaping its economic trajectory. I can assure my fellow citizens that Chakwera – led government has kept infrastructure at the front and centre of his development agenda hence you have seen Lilongwe and other places across the country flooded with modern road construction. He is not yet done because he has to finish the job,” said Chimwendo Banda who is also Minister of Local government, Unity and Culture.

Apart from passing the Mid- Term Budget Review, the House also passed several Bills, adopted several ministerial statements and parliamentary committee reports.

The House has been adjourned sine die by the Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara.

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