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Controversial Prophet Habukuku Proposes K1 Million Salary for Teachers

Prophet Habakuku of Prophetic Ministries Upon Malawi has asked government to increase teachers’ salaries to K0.5 million and K1 Million for primary and secondary school teachers respectively.

The highly respected Mzuzu based man of God, Prophet Habukuku made the plea in a video clip which has gone viral in social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

“Aziphunzitsi akulandila mazuzo, akuyenera kuwakwezela Salary, (Teachers are suffering, government should consider hiking their salaries),” said Prophet Habakuku in his recent trending video clip.

According to, a Primary School Teacher working in Malawi will typically earn around 1,570,900 MWK per year.

This can range from the lowest average salary of about 721,600 MWK to the highest average salary of 2,485,800 MWK.

On the other hand, a person working as Secondary School Teacher in Malawi typically earns around 135,000 MWK per month. says salaries range from 66,200 MWK (lowest) to 211,000 MWK (highest).

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