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“These two pastors (Chilembwe, Chakwera) took us backwards from the steps we were”


If Pastor John Chilembwe didn’t uprise sooner as he did, we would have benefited solid developmental projects under the British. Surely the wasted 31 years under Kamuzu, if they were under the British, Malawi would have been a better country to be. Ideal president after British rule was Bingu.

Freedom? Were you free under Kamuzu? That monster? You suffered, tortured, got killed by your own black brother in cold blood, I regret our choice on MCP.

If Pastor Chakwera wasn’t power hungry yet empty minded, led by jealousy and thirst of creating future of his children who were not independent, we were in safe hands under DPP. The economy was stable, inflation was low, expenditure was controlled and at least developmental projects were feasible. Ideal president after DPP is Chilima.

Regrettably, these two pastors took us backwards from the steps we were. Freedom fighting is nothing and impactless when you do not possess a tangible alternative. Abusa anangokhala amphuma koma ndi panja penipeni.

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