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Malawi Parliament Affirms Female Cop Merlyne Yolamu As Police Chief

Parliament has today confirmed Merlyne Yolamu as the new Inspector general of Malawi police replacing Dr George Kainja who was fired in June this year for on corruption allegations.

She has been approved in a voice vote after the House agreed not to have secret ballot following massive support she got through debate stage.

The New Inspector General was born on 22 August, 1963 and she joined the Malawi Police in 1985 and rose through different ranks within the Malawi Police Service.

The Inspector General holds a Masters degree in Public policy obtained in 2013 at University of London and Bachelors degree in Human resources obtained at University of Malawi – Chancellor College in 2010.

In 2021, the new Police Chief Yolamu was appointed Deputy Inspector General of Malawi Police.

Meanwhile, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) through lawmaker for Zomba Chisi, Mark Botomani, urged Yolamu to rise above politics and be impartial.

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