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Face to face with ‘Tiye’ Hit Maker Dyson Mthawanji


Seven months after releasing his debut song entitled Tiye in which he featured reggae songbird Sangie, Mr Dyson Mthawanji is back with the second single entitled Kwacha. In the new song, he has featured Ndirande based Nepman of Na Lero fame.

Our reporter had a chat with him to talk about the new song and his music career in general. Excerpts:

  1. When did you realize that you are a musician?

It was during my primary school days in Ntchisi district. Unfortunately, I could not pursue such a dream at that time due to lack of resources. Furthermore, I had to concentrate of education. I feel now is the right time to do it. That’s why on 31st December, 2021, I released my debut song entitled Tiye in which I featured Sangie.

Patience is also key- Mthawanji

I believed that in arts there is no need to rush. Patience is also key.  So I concentrated on other things such as education before joining music. This has made me to pursue music as a hobby rather than as the main source of income.

  • Tell us more about the new song

This is a love song; it is titled Kwacha. I am encouraging men to work hard and make money because romantic relationships need money nowadays. In the past people could be in love without enough money but today things are not the same among majority of couples. I know that some people will argue against this philosophy but arts allows such debates.


In the song, I argue that romantic relationships need money for the couple to enjoy. How can you take your loved one to the beach if you don’t have money? How can you take her out for lunch or dinner at a nice restaurant in town if you don’t have money? How can you buy Brazilian hair for her if you don’t have money?

Furthermore, I encourage women to work hard and make their own money so that they should balance the love equation in as far as financial contribution is concerned. Time is gone when women looked up to their boyfriends and husbands for everything. Men also want to be surprised with romantic gifts and flowers. Let’s balance the equation.

  • Is Malawi music making any progress?

Malawi music is making a good progress. Listening to most of the songs, both composition and instrumentation are good. We have talented audio and video producers. As an artist, I salute how my fellow musicians are doing in Malawi. Malawi is on the move.

  • Who inspired you in music industry?

In Malawi, I was inspired by Sir Soldier Lucius Banda, Macdonald Mlaka Maliro, Coss Chiwalo, Charles Sinetre, Billy Kaunda among others. On international scene, I was motivated by Ken Rodgers, Lucky Dube, Busy Signal, and Culture.

  • All your two songs are in reggae. Do you plan to do other genres?

I like listening to all genres. But when it comes to making my own songs, I love reggae. I will stick to reggae. Most of the artists are into afro and R&B music. Therefore, I should be unique by giving the audience a different genre which seems to be ‘dying’.

  • What else do you do apart from music?

I am also a fiction writer. I am the author of Chichewa book called Chiphadzuwa cha usiku. Currently, I am working on another book entitled Phalombe Love Letters. This one is an English book.

I also work at DVV International as Communications Officer for Southern Africa (Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi).

  • Is arts profitable in Malawi?

It depends on one’s definition of profitability. For me I believe one should have passion for arts first. He or she should dive into arts sector out of passion not appetite for money. At the end, money come on its own based on the quality of your work. So I believe in loving what I do in arts. When I wrote the Chichewa book, Chiphadzuwa cha Usiku, it opened a lot of opportunities for me.

When one is doing good work in arts, money follows him. People should follow their passion not money.

  • What’s your happiest moment in life?

It was in 2010 when University of Malawi selected me to study Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BAJ) at The Polytechnic. It was a dream come true because that was the Unima’s constituent college that I admired. When I arrived at Polytechnic campus, I walked around with one shoulder higher.

  • What’s your favourite food?

I like Nsima with local chicken and local vegetables. Apart from that I like fruits mainly mangoes.

  1. What’s your final word?

I am in the music industry to stay. I promise my fans that I have come to stay. I will always work hard to offer them the best reggae music.

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