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Chakwera leaves for Switzerland, Equatorial Guinea Amidst Malawi’s Forex, Economic Crisis

President Lazarus Chakwera leaves the country today for Switzerland where he will attend the World Economic Forum from 21st to 25th May.

On his way back, Chakwera will pass through Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to attend the 15th Extraordinary Summit Meeting of the African Union on Humanitarian Matters and Pledging Conference, and the 16th Extraordinary Summit meeting of the African Union on terrorism and unconstitutional changes of government from 26th to 28th May.

A statement from the ministry of foreign affairs says the meeting in Switzerland will allow the President to join other world leaders in charting a path towards equitable and fair global economic recovery.

For the engagement in Equatorial Guinea, the statement says African leaders will aim at addressing humanitarian challenges facing the region.President Chakwera will then return home on 29th May in Lilongwe

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  1. This is what he is supposed to do. You mean our seat there should be vacant?
    Blame those ones who externalise the forex

  2. From the look of things Chakwera has literally given up being the leader of an impoverished Malawi, he has finally succumbed to the pressures that come together with leadership. He cares less the plight and livelihood of Malawians who on that cold, fateful morning they persevered all odds to go out there to elect a person who, barely 24 months down the lane he will only take care of his stomach, family, friends and party members belonging to MCP. Whatever happens to you and me is none of his business because he obviously didn’t drag you to go and vote for him. To say that Malawi is in short supply of Forex is music to his ears. As long as the Reserve Bank has indeed reserved Forex for his personal use, the rest he doesn’t give a hoot. Malawians are paying for their stupidity and clumsy trust through their noses. Tichimina Fweee!! mpaka 2025 woooo!!

    Was it not last week when he said he had cut down on travelling both abroad and within, was he addressing children or his kinsmen? Another MCP idiot this other day had the guts to proudly say, “Let him go because he is going to source financial help for us,” – really? If anything the amount of forex he is expending on such useless trips can buy loads and loads of drugs for our ever drying pharmacies. Who told him that in order to beg you need to be in the forefront as head of a country, can’t his subjects do a better job, please? Ai poti zidze pano n’zatonse.


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