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Let Matapa be paid from the pockets of Roads Authority Board Chair and the president


APM and Muhala was costed to pay K68 million from their pockets for illegally firing the chief justice deliberately. We lauded the idea. It’s time we protected tax payers money and hold authorities responsible for their decisions.

Fast forward 2021, the board chair of roads authority illegally fires CEO of roads authority. Chakwera must be aware for he appointed replacement of Engineers Matapa. The president blessed the move. Engineer Matapa took the matter to court.

Lawyers for Roads Authority failed to defend the matter instead they opted for out court settlement.

Folks out of court settlement means two things:

1. Roads Authority and the president indeed illegally fired the CEO

2. That 1 is accepted by the defendant, Roads Authority must agree with Matapa’s lawyers on how much to pay Matapa.

So, from the exorbitant toll fee and 11% fuel levy, instead of using the money to maintain our roads, govt will use the money to compensate someone on avoidable case. This impunity, we set a precedence before, the president and board chair must settle that cost.

Unless we did it because it was Muthalika and Muhala. Or unless we did it because it were Lhomwes and now it’s Chewas. Unless you say so, but similar cases can’t be treated differently.

Let Matapa be paid from the pockets of Roads Authority Board Chair and the president.

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