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Joyce Banda’s Aide Stella Asani Condemns Arrest Of Steven Maseya

File: Maseya in Custody

Former President Dr. Joyce Banda’s trusted errand lady Stella Asani has strongly condemned the Malawi Police for arresting Malawi Broadcasting Corporation employee Steven Maseya.

The broadcaster was arrested last week in Mangochi district on allegation that he was sharing ‘Fake’ leaked Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination papers on social media platforms.

Reacting to the arrest Asani, who is also a social and political commentator, said police should stop arresting people without thorough investigations.  

“When I saw the photograph of Steven Maseya in Police Custody I commented kuti “I have been there on false charges, I hope Maseyas Case has been thoroughly investigated!”

“Today I hear the State admitted that they rushed into arresting him, they failed to search his house because the house keys were with the owner at Lumbadzi. Why do you continue embarrassing yourselves like this,” Asani posted on her facebook account.

According to the Police statement, the suspect is suspected to have committed the crime from early October to 22 October 2021. He was arrested in Mangochi and transferred to Lilongwe.

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  1. politics of harrassment and intimidations. fear and wonder is the order of the day. this guy booked himself in during malawi pachitukuko programme en route to 2019 and 2020 presidential polls. this is tonse and mcp shall never stop bullying her opponents. for sure 1 party state is reestabling itself. there must be great intelligence at play to mudsling some cool opponent. leapfrog tactics at play for sure.


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