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Off the Wall of Ian Simbota: Tonse ‘Liars’ Sold Persons With Albinism A Dummy

Persons with Albinism in Malawi are sad to note that the safe heaven promised to Persons with Albinism by the police and President Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse led government was just a lie.

Just this week a body of a 20 year old Blantyre-Bangwe based Ian Muhama who hailed from Mulanje district was found with no body parts. His body parts were then found in a plastic bag at Maoni by boys who were playing football.

Facts on the ground are that when the late Muhama’s body was found with no body parts like arms  and the police went ahead to bury him  without the presence of his relatives or any member of APAM despite us working closely in our quest to protect the little surviving people of Albinism in Malawi.

The police did not even notify us or write any statement. We wonder if that was meant to bury Ian or his evidence. As if that was not enough Limbe police insisted that the person they buried was not Ian Muhama up to a point of showing the relatives pictures of a different person without Albinism just to make them believe in their lies.

We wonder if the police has any reason to make us trust them after so many hide and seek games they have been playing on our safety. This is the lowest a Police service can sink despite being led by someone who is not just educated but was its director of research for so long Dr. George Kainja.

Just a month ago President Chakwera’s advisor on Disability Mr. Overstone Kondowe told the Media that Chakwera administration has no plans to institute a new Commission of Enquiry on Albinism without even consulting the key stakeholders.

When I wrote a statement here on Facebook questioning the same, mukupangano screenshot nkumatiopyeza. Kubwerelanso ku zakale tinazisiya zijaaa. Kodi you think we can’t survive without the Job?…….

Find njira Zina zoopyezerana not ntchito! Let’s work to find solutions to problems before us. Otherwise Zinazi muchedwa nazo.

About Author

Ian Desmond Simbota is the President for Association for Persons with Albinism (APAM) and a human rights activist. He also works as presenter for MBC.

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