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ZAMBIANS WARNED: Don’t make mistakes like Malawians by voting in new party, they are now regretting

By Brightwell Chabusha

KAMBWILI: People from Malawi were told by the new President that if he is elected, he will cut travels, but today he is the one moving with relatives

PF founder  member Chishimba Kambwili has cautioned Zambians against making mistakes Malawians made by voting in a new party.

Speaking during the party’s virtual rally this afternoon, Mr Kambwili said Malawians are regretting the decision they made to vote in a new government as they are now coming to buy commodities in Zambia.

“People from Malawi were told by the new President that if he is elected, he will cut travels, but today he is the one moving with relatives,” Mr Kambwili said and warned Zambians not to make the same mistake by listening to the lies from the opposition.

He said the promises being made by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema are fake as none of the things he’s saying will ever come to pass.

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  1. The scales are certainly tipping due to mediocrity from our leaders. Not long ago, the current situation Malawi is in was happening just across the border, when those across used to come over here to buy their sundries. For that to happen, the leadership of this country had foresight, had the livelihood of the people at heart and surely worked and toiled day and night for it to happen. Fast forward, what we are now going through is a nightmare. All the infrastructure and the expected governance has been thrown to the dogs because of greed, selfishness, chicanery and backward thinking. The development which took ages to construct is being dismantled without shame. Unfortunately, Malawians have decided to fold their arms and turned into mere spectactors for reasons best known by ourselves and yet individuals are dragging all of us 40 – 50 years back. Not much justice is being done to our young upcoming generation who will have us elders to blame. Malawians, stand up and fight for your rights, freedom, justice and equity before all this nonsense becomes irreversible.

  2. Malawians did not make a mistake. The president is not just being honest and this is how all African leaders become after electing them to power. Lungu has become rich at the expense of Zambia, Kambwili, you are a political womaniser. You do not know your left and right. You are all over. You cannot be trusted. I would rather vote for HH than Lungu.


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