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Minister Kaliati Tells Lions To Empower More Women

By Ireen Kayira

Empower More Women – Kaliati

Lilongwe, May 15, Mana: Lions Club district 412B (Malawi and Mozambique) have been urged to empower and encourage more women to be in leadership positions in the club. 

Minister of Gender, Children and Community Development, Dr. Patricia Kaliati said this in Lilongwe on Friday during the Lions Club women high tea symposium which was held under the theme finding your balance.

Kaliati commended the club for its efforts in empowering women who are members as well as those that are not as that is what the country is looking at when it comes to women involvement.

“Women need to be participating in each and every program; Lions club is into a lot of things like issues of environment, diabetes, cancer, hunger sight, and other spheres.”

In Malawi, we have a lot of challenges and we need such organizations to come in but also as women we need to empower others as well, encourage them and be part and parcel of the solutions.” Said Kaliati

She further said the Malawi agenda 2063 vision is looking forward to having women know that they are not supposed to leave others do it but they should do it themselves.

“For us women to excel, there is need to participate in each and every program like Lions are doing, at first it was for men only, women started coming in giving their resources freely as well as skills.

“This is what we are looking for, be it in the public service, charitable organizations let women lead and when women lead you will find out that the solutions are easily found and the challenges are not there,” she said.

District Governor for Malawi and Mozambique, Ken Banda said the Club organized the symposium because they realize the important role that women play in the development of the country as well as their service goals.

Secondly, he said it was organized for the women to interact and discuss issues that affect them as well as the organization.

He added that empowerment in lionism is something that the organization embraces as they encourage women participation at greater lengths.

“The first district governor was a woman and currently we have women serving in different leadership positions at district level as well as in different clubs,” he concluded.

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