Hon. Khumbize Chiponda Must Stop the Hypocrisy on Covid-19 Measures


I have noted with sadness how as the country we choose how to implement the Covid 19 measures to the benefit of those in power and politicians in general.

Just last week Madam you categorically turned down the Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers request to have half the stadium with supporters saying that you can only allow 250 supporters in the stadium.

The same week the Vice President was having meetings in the North which defeated the measures of Covid 19. Similarly this has continued in the South and now the President is joining the fray.

Ironically, when it suits the political agenda, you and your task force tend to look the other side. A very good example is how recent by-elections were held. In this regard, madam I urge you to stop the hypocrisy in the implementation of Covid 19 measures.

It’s time we treat all citizens as equal. If you can allow the President and Vice to meet people disregarding the Covid measures, the least you can do is to allow the fans into the stadium, allow the religious gatherings as well as any other gatherings that you are trying to control.

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