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CHAKWERA REBUFFS CHILIMA: Says Govt Not Ready To Implement UTM Promises

President Lazarus Chakwera has boldly told Parliament that passport promises were not his brain child but UTM through Dr Saulos Chilima therefore it will be hard for his administration to implement them under his High- Five philosophy which bind on transparency amongst others.

President Chakwera was responding to a question posed by DPP Member of Parliament, Martha Lunji.

“We are now trying to look at the programs that our friends, UTM have and how we can consider them looking at the gravity of the situation this country is passing through now”, says Chakwera.

Chakwera says he will notify the country if possible that such promises shall taken on board.

Chakwera added that when taking over the government he did not know that DPP government had some toxic contract agreements with some contractors and this has made his government to face troubled waters in implementing it’s promises.

Chilima promised Malawians a lot of good things like mega farms, free duty week, driving licence reduced prices amongst others but so far the government has abandoned all that.

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  1. If Mr presedent Chakwera with his administration wiselry think so, question is what is the understanding and meaning of Tonse alliance?????

  2. If anything this Govt has to implement two promises, passport and driving license.
    80% of the votes to Chakwera from our youth was because that.we are not looking for the individual but the chakwera Govt.

  3. Chilima adzaliranso mmene analilira 2019 “ansah wandibera…iiiih…ndipatseni madzi ndimwe ndisakomoke ine…iiiih. This guy relies on the broken reed from the north. Ku north muliko angati? This guy was battered outright in 2019 and was forced into submission by apm the political towering giant and retreated back to the vice presidency to start all over again. You think the 50+1 will make him become the president? Zero!!! Even if chilima stands against chakwera man to man he can be shocked. He is the third popular guy which the north wants to use to monopolise the education system and the government positions. To hell with your chilima mania. His boastering campaign promises only inflinges on our economy and he is failing to resuscitate our depreciating local currency under his nose when he is the economic planning top dog in the tonse administration. Chakwera has seen the impossible in the chilima over ambitions. How can our economy that has been sent back to ask for arms from the donors support the employment of 1m people? He must be kidding. He must be thankful to his inlaws from the north who mudsling the purely credible polls done under UN watch. He must also be thankful to his destructive ass that saw the mother country burnt and looted. He must also be thanks to apm who opted not to campaign for fear of risking the precious lives of mia, belekanyama, jossiah, etc from the viscious jaws of the deadly virus. Stop playing hide and seek and pounce at any words made by laz as an excuse of not seeing chilima’s over ambitious manifesto which are sickening to our economy. Universal subsidy was mcp’s brain child which they championed after copying it from dpp. They vehemently attacked bingu on the same only to champion it a decade and a half later.

  4. Chilima PROs stop lying to us that the said tonse manifesto related to utm are being skipped by mcp. This is a total lie. You think you’re dealing with kids who just nod to every stupid lies. There is no excuse whatsoever for your pompous candidate who promises alot as if he is proporsing to an underage. Even big economies never managed to offer 1m jobs in a space of six months even 12. The things this 50yr old guy promised can burden our economy and eventually clash it. Its fascinating to see how this pompous guy struggles to pull back our depreciating kwacha. He talks and talks without thinking about the economics modalities. Tonse is struggling not because we don’t have money in the number 1 account but because of its over ambitious manifesto which is now being implemented. Much money is used to pay lawyers and judges on political persecutions which utm promised to have all political thieves arrested especially from dpp. Apm had no such stupid moment because he knew that very few lawyers get rich at the expense of others. This might be one of the reasons lawyers and the judiciary turned against dpp and turn their support to this guy. All dpp were busy with were roads, roads, roads, infrastructures, furniture and promoting local tarent to exportable levels. What is failing here is tonse, utm and chilima inclussive. Dpp managed our economy in the smartest way despite hrdc’s bloody violent demos and looting. Dpp stand tall against all odds and the kwacha was a force to reckon with even in times of natural catastrophies eg deadly floods, droughts, etc. Pomwe wina pano wayamba kale kunamizira kolona kenaka iyayi koma ndi mcpyo simwamumva laz. Njeeeee!! All of you are to blame. No more blame game please. Just do the job we are here waiting. Pajatu bomali munachita kulirira ndiye yanyanga yamsatsi tinakusemerani. Tiyeni nazoni.


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