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Lazarus Chakwera Calls For Concerted Effort To Fight Corruption

By Memory Chatonda

Blantyre, Mana: Malawi President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has advised Malawians to champion the fight against corruption at all levels in order to build a better Malawi.

Chakwera made the remarks on Wednesday when he presided over commemoration of International Anti Corruption day in Blantyre organized by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The Malawi leader said corruption is evil as it erodes development of any country hence the need for every individual to play a critical role to mercilessly terminate it.

“As far as I am concerned, corruption is evil and needs to be eliminated because its occurrence over the past years has led to economic impoverishment and moral decay in our people.

“Although, Dr Chilima and I have promised to fight corruption by among other things provide enough resources to the bureau and also make it function independently, that alone cannot be enough to meet the Tonse standard of ending corruption as stated in the fourth pillar of super high five agenda ” he said.

He, therefore, called on people to join hands to consolidate ideas to deal with the scourge of corruption at all levels.

” Every individual such as civil society organizations, religious bodies and traditional leaders have a role to play in this fight to make corruption history in our nation.

“Let us all be doers not talkers. Act now to end corruption where we are, act now to end corruption as a matter of urgency, act now to do something today that prevent corruption tomorrow, act now to identify and stop the particular form of corruption, “he said.

The Malawi leader, therefore, urged ACB to not continue working in isolation rather engage various people in the fight.

” I desire to see the fight against corruption become a collective responsibility. The heads of government ministries, departments, agencies and other institutions must be enlisted in this battle,” he said

The Malawi leader then called urged ACB to have offices in all public offices to sentitise people on adverse effects of the malpractice and report those that engage in the act.

“ACB could be more effective if it has ears and eyes in places where corruption crimes are being committed including State house, “he said

Meanwhile the Malawi leader has unveiled 14 National Integrity Committee members to oversee National Anti Corruption Strategy Il.

ACB Director General, Reyneck Matemba, thanked the president for gracing the occasion.

He disclosed that since Tonse administration took office in July 2020, no one has ever dared to interfere with the work of   ACB and that the institution is gaining confidence in the sight of Malawians

He, therefore, reminded all public officers to inculcate in themselves a culture of corruption intolerance and Integrity   when serving Malawians.

” People holding public offices should  remind themselves that every  decision they make, they  shall be held accountable one day. As such, be individuals of high integrity and  learn from experience of others,”  he said.

Matemba, therefore, called for concerted effort among Malawians to fight the corruption  in order to develop the nation in all spheres of development.

Concurring with Matemba, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Titus Mvalo, urged state and non state actors to develop deliberate policies to promote integrity and ethical behavior which are key to fighting corruption.

Meanwhile, ACB plans to implement National Anti corruption strategy Il (NACS ll), to among others root out any form of corruption at all levels.

In 2003, the United Nations General Assembly designated 9th December as the international Anti Corruption Day. This is the day when people all over the world reflect on the fight against corruption.

This year’s commemoration was held under the theme ‘Act Now; Fight corruption for a better Malawi’s.

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