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Police ‘Accidentally’ Fire Tear Gas Into Police Cell

By George Mponda

Dedza, October 15, Mana: Nine suspects were taken to Dedza district hospital where two have been admitted and six others placed on hospital observation after a Police officer accidentally fired a teargas canister at Dedza police station.

According to Dedza Deputy Police Publicist, Cassim Manda, at around 9 a.m.  Wednesday police received a report that a mob in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Kamenyagwaza had torched to death an unidentified individual.

Manda said: “Since the report reaching us said the irate mob was equipped with dangerous weapons, officers prepared themselves with riot guns meant to disperse the crowd.

“During safety precaution process, one of the officers accidentally fired the teargas that had spread out at the station affecting officers and suspects being held in our police cell.”

According to Manda, officers then opened the police cells letting the inmates out and they were rushed to Dedza District Hospital.

He said the hospital report has shown that the inmates and some police officers had suffered from suffocation that has led to headaches and chest pains.

Meanwhile Manda has said the six inmates that have been placed on medical observation are now recovering from irritation caused by the tear gas.

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