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Mtambo to Prioritize On Transformative Civic Education

By Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe, July 25, Mana: Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity has said that it would push on transformative civic education that deals with mindset change.

Minister in the Ministry, Timothy Mtambo said the focus of the Ministry to make issues of corruption, Covid-19 and tax justice a priority.

“Most of the things that we are facing today are because we have lost some specific values on what we were supposed to do, my Ministry will reach out to people to civic educate them on these issues,” he said.

Mtambo said they are drafting messages that are transformative in nature and they are going to use all mediums of communication so that they reach out to people across the country.

The Minister said tax justice was key factor as the social contract between the citizens was built between the relationships where citizens finance their government. 

“The taxes that people pay in the past ended in people’s pockets which discouraged people from complying as such we are going to make sure that there is justice in the way our taxes are managed.

“We are going to empower citizens so that they are able not only pay but monitor the way the taxes are being utilised,” he said.

Mtambo stressed that the goal of the Ministry was to make sure that its citizens are active participants in the way things are being run in the country.

He said civic education was at the core of any working government because it directly links to the empowerment of citizens, making citizens informed and making them understands how the country was governed.

“My Ministry will make sure that people understand the laws of the country so that they are able to do what is right within the framework of the laws,” Mtambo added.

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