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Ministers Botomani, Susuwele Woo Votes For Mutharika

By Solister Mogha, MANA

Minister of Information, Communication and Civic Education, Mark Botomani and Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Dr William Susuwele Banda Sunday called on people of Zomba Lisanjala Constituency to vote for Prof Peter Mutharika come 23 June, 2020.

Speaking at a mega rally that was specifically organized to woo people to vote for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President, Botomani who was guest of honour said people from the constituency must not be carried away by the undoable promises that other parties were making but rather bank on Mutharika who has already done a lot to the area.

Botomani said among others, the president has brought into the constituency electricity, was constructing the Lirangwe-Machinga road and provided an ambulance at Mambo Health Center which was a clear demonstration of the love Mutharika has for the people in the area.

“Government under the leadership of Prof Peter Mutharika still has more plans for the area and the country in general. The mega rally today is to remind Malawians that they should not forget choosing a visionary, steward-ship, caring and loving leader, who is no other than Prof Peter Mutharika. Malawi as a country has developed tremendously under his rule and we want this to continue,”said Botomani.

The minister said as Malawians go to the poll, they must compare the two parties and think of where they have come from and where they would want to be in the next five years.

“This is not the last rally, we will continue going around and mobilise people to vote for Mutharika who is the only leader who will take this country far and beyond,”he said.

In the 2019 elections, about 80,000 people in Zomba did not vote and Botomani said Members of Parliament from the district will do all their best to ensure people, this time around, go and vote in their large numbers.

Dr Susuwele Banda, who is Member of Parliament (MP) for Zomba Lisanjala Constituency concurred with Botomani that people from his area must vote for Mutharika.

Dr Banda said Mutharika has approved a lot of development initiatives for his area something worth his votes.

For the first time, we have electricity in this area and the president is constructing a long bridge on Lisanjala River which was a headache for people of this area. Not only that, we also have a secondary school that will be constructed and it will be the best of all in this constituency.

“The president is so much dedicated to improving the lives of rural people and looking at all these good things, we have all agreed and we can assure the President that we will unanimously vote for him,” Dr Banda said.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Deputy Secretary General, Charles Jika said the party was ready to usher Mutharika to the presidency.

Malawians will be going to polls on June 23 to elect the president of the country. The elections follow nullification of the 2019 elections by the constitutional court on February 3 this year.

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