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Journalist Cum Musician Grewiz Drops ‘Real Woman’

By Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe based up and coming dancehall reggae songbird cum journalist, Grewiz has overwhelmed the country’s music domain with her latest single titled ‘Real Woman’ which is spreading the message of women empowerment.

Grewiz- Real woman hustle

In part of the song, the songstress is encouraging women not to underrate themselves, hence the need for them to strive to be strong and hardworking for them to be financially independent and remain economically empowered.

“Show them you are not weak, you are strong// be real, do some hustle// real woman hustle// awonetse utha kuchengetela banja financially// masiku mkumatha mpaka zaka chosa mantha, you are the real woman,” goes part of the song.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Grewiz, whose real name is Chisomo Chimenya said she contemplated the concept of the song as one way of motivating young women in the country to be financially independent.

“As a musician, I noted that many young women in the country underrate themselves, they always think their duty is to take care of kids and [do] household chores while relying on the husband to provide financial support for the family.

“With this reason, I decided to come up with a song that would motivate young women to understand that despite their level of education, they can help in providing financial support for their families through developing means of generating income such as small businesses,” Grewiz said.

Grewiz ventured into the music industry in 2014 as hip-hop musician while in form two and she released her first single titled ‘Born again’ which carried the gospel message.

With inspiration from one of the international dancehall reggae musicians, Cynthia Morgan and locally Sangie, the songbird switched to dancehall reggae in 2016 and released a love song titled ‘come closer’. In 2017, she released two singles, ‘Thank you mama’ and ‘Bad gul’.

In 2019, the artist also released two music singles, ‘Kufuna ndimafuna’ and ‘Akutengeni’ whose video has been recently premiered on Rainbow Television program ‘Mafewedwe’ which comes every Tuesday at 4 O’clock pm.

The Akutengeni hit maker is confident her new single will raise young women’s and girls’ self-esteem in the country.

“I am sure that many young women and girls will start valuing themselves and will also develop self-confidence after listening to my new single- Real woman,” she said.

One of the Grewiz’s music followers, Gertrude Phiri described her new single as an eye opener amongst women and girls to be self be reliant.

“The song is actually encouraging us ladies not to just depend on men. It also motivates us that we should hustle in order to bring something on the table and help in addressing financial constraints in our families,” Phiri said.

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