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Which Salary Saulos?

By Foster F. Fundi

Which Salary Mr Chilima?

I was waiting eagerly to see what stunt the father Christmas Saulos Chilima of UTM Party was going to pull this time.

Frankly I thought he was going to claim to his supporters that he and he alone can heal Covid-19 patients.

I would have understood coming from him. Man was I wrong. Little did I know he is capable of stooping this low. Wow! This guy is indeed desperate and capable of anything.

He committed and donated his entire phantom salary to charities few months ago way before the COVID-19. We all heard it live on TV.

Oh, have I told you that the guy doesn’t work and yet claim salary and full benefits?…Yap, I wanted you to know what type of a human being we’re talking about and dealing with.

 As if that wasn’t enough, I hear he has just committed and donated the very same phantom salary (100%) to COVID-19 patients.

Frankly I thought he was going to tell his followers to walk naked with him for COVID-19 intercession.

I would have understood that stunt coming from him. I feel sorry for Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

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  1. Of lately I have been following your posts on this page until I have come across this post. As a good citizen I thought you would be part of the team that will be fighting against the COVID 19 and yet your here criticizing what others are up to for them to serve for the best interest of Malawi. This is pathetic. Try to publish something sensible maybe

  2. Saulo is pompous. How is he going to donate the 100% salary he had already donated for other charitable works? Unless he tells us that the donation hit the wall. This life vice president of malawi can`t lie to us that he doesn`t care about the money. He is greedy and selfish. He doesn`t want anyone even from his home district to be the vice president but him alone. He savagely fought chimulirenji and reclaimed his second in command through the dubious concourt ruling after getting full favours from his wife`s cousin sunduzwayo. If he really doesn`t care for the benefits he sued the government for in court, why not let chimulirenji carry on? He is ashame.

  3. inu ndinu mbuz zenizen khot ndi imene inagamula malingana ndi mavot mene anayendela akut peter pamoz ndi jane anasokoneza mavot nde pogamula ndi amene anabwezelesanso nfana saulos sanje bwa musiyen nayenso azitikite ndalama zophweka za pa nyasaland

  4. First of all i would ask you mr publisher whats your contribution ??? Dont criticize when all you did is to hear what others have done

  5. It is very wrong for the author of this useless article to say that Chilima claims his salary and his full benefits. Fundi should understand that Chilima is the state vice president who was legally elected together with APM during the 2014 elections, as such he is entitled to the benefits that go along with that office. What Fundi should have been concerned with here is why his master (APM) doesn’t give Chilima his rightful duties to perform. The problem is with the President who has decided to neglect to delegate his vice because of petty party politics. Any well-meaning Malawian should appreciate the gesture that Chilima has shown to the nation by sacrificing his entire salary to a worthwhile cause. That is true statesmanship and shows the caliber of wise leadership that this man possessess.

    I am not pro-Chilima neither do I support his UTM but that does not make me and should not make us stoop so low as not to see that his action is what is required during this difficult time.


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