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Trapence, Sembereka Case Moved to Lilongwe

The High Court in Lilongwe has ordered that the two Human Rights Defenders Coalition members Gift Trapence and MacDonald Sembereka be transferred to Lilongwe from Blantyre for them to be further dealt with, according to the law.

The two were set to appear before Blantyre Magistrate Court this morning for trial and bail application but the court was alerted of that there is a High Court Stay order restraining the state from having the two held and tried in Blantyre but be transferred to Lilongwe for possible bail application.

Police in Lilongwe arrested Sembereka and Trapence on Sunday night for inciting another to contravene the law contrary to section 124 of the penal code.

Three HRDC leaders on 6th March 2020 in Lilongwe implied to members of the general public that it was desirable for them to contravene section 103 of the police act by unlawfully mobilizing people to shut down State House Residences.

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