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Malawi’s Leader of Opposition Nankhumwa raps President Chakwera on fuel hike, executive arrogance

NANKHUMWA: So many Malawians are relentlessly crying from the pangs of a mismanaged economy

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Dr Kondwani Nankhumwa has faulted President Lazarus Chakwera for failing to protect poor Malawians from the pangs of economic slavery they are subjected by his poor leadership.

Nankhumwa has released a press statement on Thursday, June 23, 2022 a statement following the government decision to hike the prices of fuel last night through MERA.

“Let me reiterate that President Chakwera must know that the buck stops at him and that Malawians are looking to him for solutions. I am saying this because the Tonse Alliance Government promised Malawians that prices for basic commodities such as sugar, salt, bread, cooking oil, and soap, among others, would be affordable.

“Today, the opposite is true. So many Malawians are relentlessly crying from the pangs of a mismanaged economy. It appears President Chakwera has chosen not to listen to them. Will the leadership of this country continue to fold its hands whilst Malawians are suffering? Will it continue blaming the war in Ukraine and Covid-19? What is happening in this country is like we do not have a government,” Nankhumwa said who is also DPP Vice President for the South.

Nankhumwa wonders that for how long are Malawians going to be sitting ducks waiting to take any shocks that come from the world? If that is the case, what is the use of having our own government.

He says in Tanzania, fuel prices have just gone down due to subsidies effected by government upon seeing the suffering of its people. The situation is the same in Zambia and Rwanda.

“Is this not possible in Malawi? One of the duties of government is to come to the rescue of its people in times like these. Mr. President, this is the time to rescue Malawians. In this country, we have the Price Stabilization Fund, which is meant to stabilize the prices of fuel. Where is this money? Would the people responsible for this fund please account as to how the funds have been used over the past two years?” Nankhumwa fumes

Nankhumwa has urged relevant parliamentary committees to demand a report on how the Price Stabilization Fund has been used

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