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Dear Hon. Patricia Kaliati,

Greetings Akweni. I hear you recently visited Zomba to deliver what you called an apology to Malawians for the unfulfilled campaign promises made by the Tonse Alliance Government. You cited mega farms and three meals a day as key promises from UTM that haven’t materialized, conveniently pointing out that your party isn’t in control of the government, thus absolving yourselves of responsibility.

Let’s be clear—Malawians are not gullible. If UTM truly had no power or influence within the Tonse Alliance, why do you remain part of the coalition? If your party genuinely believes that it is powerless and unable to deliver on its promises, wouldn’t the honorable course of action be to terminate your involvement in the alliance? Walking out would certainly bolster your credibility. Instead, you continue to enjoy the benefits of coalition membership while attempting to disown its failures. As the saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Is this narrative something Dr. Saulos Chilima tasked you with? Because let’s not forget, Dr. Chilima is very much an active participant in this government. We see him in cabinet meetings, making decisions and shaping policy alongside other UTM ministers. His ongoing involvement makes it quite clear that UTM has not been sidelined but is rather a co-author of this administration’s journey, for better or worse.

UTM needs to stand with Malawians, not just when it’s convenient or when elections loom on the horizon. If you’re committed to accountability and transparency, you should dissociate from this ineffective alliance and show Malawians that you genuinely care about their welfare. Otherwise, your apology appears to be nothing more than a strategic move to distance yourselves from the inevitable fallout of a failing government.

Hon. Kaliati, the failures of Tonse are also your failures. You can’t simply pick the fruits and disown the thorns. The wins and losses must be shared equally by all coalition members. It’s time to stop the theatrics and take a stand—one that truly represents the interests of Malawians.


Leonard Chimbanga.

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