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Women Exchange Sex with Fish in Bizarre Bartering System

In a shocking turn of events, women in Malawi’s lakeshore areas have reportedly resorted to exchanging sex with fish in a bizarre bartering system.

The practice, known as “Sex for Fish,” has left many in the community reeling, and the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) is fighting for their rights.

According to sources, the women are offering sexual favors to fishermen in exchange for a catch of the day.

The fish, apparently, are not complaining. But the MHRC is, and they’re taking action.

“The ‘sex for fish’ practice is a clear violation of women’s rights and dignity,” said MHRC Deputy Executive Secretary Winston Mwafuliwa.

“It perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes and exposes women to sexual exploitation, STIs, and HIV/AIDS.”

District Gender Officer Friness Samaliya emphasized the need for urgent action, stating, “We cannot tolerate this form of exploitation anymore. Women and girls are being denied their basic rights and dignity, and it’s our responsibility to protect them.”

Salima District Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) chairperson Paul Duncan added, “This practice is not only harmful to women but also perpetuates a culture of oppression and discrimination. We must work together to create a society where women are valued and respected.”

The MHRC has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the issue, engaging with beach committees, local leaders, and communities to promote gender equality and challenge harmful gender norms.

By working together, they aim to create a safe and dignified environment for women and girls in the fishing industry.

In reality, the “Sex for Fish” practice is a harmful and exploitative system that must be addressed.

The MHRC’s efforts to combat this issue are crucial in protecting the rights and dignity of women and girls in Malawi’s lakeshore communities.

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