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Journalists Empowered to Share the Revolutionary Power of Injectable PrEP

By Ted Likombola & Thumbiko Nyirongo

In a groundbreaking move, local journalists gathered at a science café event on April 19, 2024, to unlock the secrets of injectable PrEP, a game-changing HIV prevention method. 

This innovative approach is set to revolutionize the fight against HIV, and journalists are now equipped to share its power with the world.

Experts in the field shared their insights on the mechanism, advantages, and potential impact of injectable PrEP, empowering journalists to craft compelling narratives and convey the science and human impact of this breakthrough innovation.

Interactive sessions and data visualization techniques helped journalists bring the story to life.

Moses Byson, a reporter for LWC Radio, says: “This science café has given me the knowledge and skills to share the power of injectable PrEP with my audience. 

“I’m excited to tell the stories of those impacted and highlight the importance of this innovation in the fight against HIV.”

The event, organized by Journalists Against AIDS (JournAIDS) and AVAC, strengthened the capacity of local journalists to develop engaging stories, promoting awareness and support for Malawi’s injectable PrEP program.

By sharing accurate and compelling stories, journalists will play a vital role in promoting the adoption of this effective HIV prevention method.

Despite significant progress in combating HIV, the National AIDS Commission (NAC) revealed that approximately 15,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2023.

However, Ulanda Mtamba, Civil Society Advocacy Forum Vice Chairperson, emphasized that people should not lose hope and should continue exploring all available options to prevent HIV.

JournAIDS country director, Dingaan Mithi, stressed the importance of responsible journalism in raising awareness about HIV and promoting prevention methods. 

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