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K9 million up for grabs as NBM Plc wraps up ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ Promotion

Hiwa-We formed personal bonds with our customers

Four lucky winners are expected to walk home with K1.5 million each while 10 others will walk away with K300,000 each following the closure of National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ Promotion on Thursday.

 During the promotion period, hundreds of customers and non-customers have won  various monthly and instant prizes.

The ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ promotion was launched in December last year aimed at promoting the use of NBM Plc’s digital platforms such as Mo626 Pay (MoPay), and POS machines to pay for goods and services.

The Bank is set to hold the grand draw of the promotion in early May. This draw will see four lucky winners share K6 million in cash prizes with each being K1.5 million richer while 10 others will get K300,000 each.

NBM Plc Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa said the promotion not only helped the Bank create traction on MoPay and POS usage, it has also provided a platform for continued direct engagement with audiences in Malawi’s four regions.

“The NBM plc team engaged with both customers and merchants during ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ activations in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Mangochi and Zomba, resulting in the provision of valuable feedback, increased uptake in both merchants and customers and, most importantly, an opportunity to form personal bonds with our targeted stakeholders,” said Hiwa.

She added that all of the ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ promotion draws have been held in ‘the market’ and not ‘in the boardroom’ and that the Bank is set to conduct the final draw.

One of the lucky customers, who won K150,000 in the February monthly draw, Rennery Dzama commended NBM Plc for the promotion.

“Since Covid-19 time, I use my card or transact using NBM’s digital platforms. To me, it is normal using the platforms, until one Friday I got an alert of the ‘Popanda Chifukwa’ cashback of K150,000. It felt so good as it was a real surprise. I instantly went to town to shop for goods ‘popanda chifukwa’,” she narrated.

Apart from the grand draw winners, so far, the promotion has seen nine people winning K150,000 cash each, while 120 others got 50% cashback up to the maximum of K75,000.

Ninety other lucky customers and top five merchants during each monthly draw took home gift packs with NBM Plc branded novelties. The total amount of the promotion hit K60.8 million.

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