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What I learnt from FAM elections: It was a battle between DPP and MCP


What I learnt from FAM elections:

1. It was a battle between DPP and MCP.

2. MCP invested heavily in the campaign and DPP did not (the more you invest in a campaign, the more are likely the results, never underestimate investing in campaigning)

3. MCP brought a fresh candidate, formidable whilst DPP depended on a candidate who had lived long his relevance (DPP could have done better by replacing Walter with another formidable candidate to face way before FH)

4. Never take people for granted (Walter on his lost crucial people who held his mantle i.e. Kayira etc)

5. Never think at a point you are the only best person, don’t hold on to power unnecessarily. Mandela is one we can learn from, after all sacrifices, he had to leave before people have had enough of him.



A. We have known Chakwera, weak leader, very nepotistic, lacking solutions to problems and proactiveness, careless spender, and a failed planner – he is an easier defeat if the opposition brings out a candidate who out masters him all angles

B. Opposition must heavily invest the campaign to defeat MCP

C. Opposition must never take its people for granted, every vote counts and everyone matters in this war.

D. Anyone good candidate identified must be supported without divisions, unity for a purpose is what opposition needs even now

E. The common enemy is MCP, not anyone within the opposition, take the fight towards the right enemy.

At last, congratulations FH, you won with doubts on foreheads of critics, at a point politics chased Noel Chalamanda, at a point politics chased APM, at a point politics chased Bingu, don’t be the politics and give your supporters short lived orgasm.

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