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“Free Palestine, respect human rights”


Hundreds of natives and Malawians of Asian origin Wednesday November 15, 2023 was on a solidarity match against Palestine invasion which has seen the massive killing of innocent people.

“Free Palestine from the river to the sea” was the song by the demonstrators who graced the occasion that took a fraction of a route from Kamuzu Upper Stadium to Ginnery Corner Round about then back to Kamuzu Upper Stadium where the media and the gathering was addressed.

Speaking to the press it was clear message! The demonstration were just a solidarity match seeking a quick cease fire by the Israel militants who are killing innocent people in public facilities such as schools and hospitals.

The message was very loud especially on children who are said to be killed in every ten minutes and since when the war started, over ten thousand people have lost their lives.

Without the official stand of government, Pro-Palestinian demonstrators made it clear through their chants “Malawi for Palestine” this was to
make a renewed call to the government to reverse it’s decision of opening an embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

Stressing the call, ULAMA Council of Malawi Secretary General, Sheikh Abbas Vinjenje says by opening an embassy in Jerusalem, the Malawi government is siding with Israel in oppressing the Palestinians.

“That decision must be stopped forthwith as it will mean siding with the oppressor therefore must be reversed. Apart from siding with the oppressor, the decision is a violation of the United Nations resolution on the disputed territory,” he said.

He then urged the international community to intervene by stopping Israel from killing innocent civilians and children in Gaza, a situation that will demonstrate a total adherence to the Geneva convention which Israel is a signatory.

At the moment Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its capital, although that is not recognised by most countries.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has led to most countries that have embassies in Israel to open them in its commercial capital of Tel Aviv.

Organisers of the solidarity march, Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders (FDRD) hailed the participants for turning up in large numbers despite the invitation was sent at a short notice.

As to why Malawi was interested in the events in Palestine, the answer was readily available that she is part of international community and due to the fact that development is interlinked and depends on world peace, the war can affect its progress.

Other African countries, notably South Africa, Mocambique, Lesotho also held solidarity match seeking to show their disapproval of what is happening to fellow human beings in Palestine. Similar solidarity match happened in London at the Israeli embassy

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