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FAKE HONORARY DOCTORATE SAGA: Dr. Namadingo, Dr. Mphande speak out

Social media influencer Pemphero Mphande and Musician Patience Namadingo have released statements responding to circulating social media reports regarding “the alleged fake honorary Doctorate” purportedly conferred to them by the prestigious University of South Africa (UNISA).

The development follows a press release by the University today, denying that it conferred honorary doctorates to social media influencer Pemphero Mphande, Musician Patience Namadingo, and businessman Mansoor Sharif Karim.

Mphande, while giving room to cooperate with any investigation, says in a statement that, he was contacted by individuals who have been awarding honorary Doctorates on behalf of the University.

“If UNISA is denying this today, either they are part of the scam or they too are being scammed. I personally would be happy to work with UNISA to get to the bottom of this,” says part of his statement.

Part of his short statement Namadingo says; “We don’t think Doc organised this big event with Professors himself and filled the UNISA Great Hall with South Africans just to fool Malawians.”- ZODIAK ONLINE

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