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Speaker Hara lauds strong cooperation between parliament and donors

Hara (right during the meeting

Speaker Catherene Gotani Hara has lauded strong cooperation between parliament and donors.

Hara was speaking during the 2023 First Steering Committee Meeting on support to Parliament.

In her acknowledging remarks, Hara said the support given by the donor community is a clear statement of the strength and warmth of collaboration and partnership in ensuring that Parliament is a “holy site” for the voiceless where their views are be counted can continue to be a robust vehicle of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

“The two years of implementation gives us a clear picture that Parliament is operating within the agreed framework as several activities are on the right track,” said Hara.

The meeting brought together the Co-Chair, the United Nations Coordinator Rabecca Adda-Dontoh and other development partners such as United Nations Development Programme, United States Embassy, United States Agency for International Development, UNICEF, and FCDO.

The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of implementation recorded and evaluate the planned activities.

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