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Chimwendo Banda presides over Mudauko Wa Tonga commemoration, hails Tongas for enhancing cultural heritages

Chimwendo Banda and other dignitaries during the event

Minister of Local Government, Unity and Culture, Richard Chimwendo Banda has urged Tonga people to maximize the uniqueness of the cultural heritage and enhance it to accelerate national socioeconomic transformation.

Chimwendo was speaking during the commemoration of Mudauko wa Tonga Heritage at Tukombo Girls Secondary School on Saturday, August 19,2023 in Nkhatabay district where he represented President Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

In his remarks, Chimwendo said tonga culture like any other cultures in the country must be preserved from adulteration and extinction because they are essential for the promotion of national integration, social cohesion and wealth creation among others.

Addressing the gathering, he further underlined the immense contribution the cultural heritage sector brings through the tourism that in turn helps government to generate revenues.

“Nkhatabay district is one of the best beaches and shore tourism destinations in the country hence need for local leaders to make the district more attractive by enhancing and perfecting traditional dances such as honala as a bait for tourists come in,” said Chimwendo Banda.

Chimwendo also hailed the heritage for investing in education sector since it is only an educated society that can effectively contribute to the national development.

Chimwendo appreciating Tonga food

On Affordable Input Program (AIP), the Minister challenged traditional leaders, Members of Parliament and Councillor to safeguard the commodities which are tailored to alleviate the hunger of the poor.

Earlier Chairperson of Tonga Heritage, Professor John Saka hailed government for promoting cultural heritages in the country.

Some of the notable people who graced the function are Members of parliament, Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasko, Chrispin Mlowoka Mphande, Julius Chione Mwase, Noah Freeman Chimpeni, Nkhatabay District Commissioner Rodgers Newa among others.

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