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I am not a gay, Dutch national tells Malawi Court

One of the applicants in the homosexuality case that resumed in the High Court in Blantyre today, a Dutch national Jan Willem Akstar, has denied an allegation that he is a gay.

Akstar, who is asking the court to declare provisions in the Penal Code that criminalise homosexuality unconstitutional, denied more than three times that he is gay when Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda asked him during cross-examination.

Akstar admitted he was made aware of about 10 witness statements of male employees at Timoteo Foundation, where he was a financial director, which alleged that the employees were forced to do acts against the order of nature but Akstar said he did not author the statements and that the allegations were false.

He said he was ill-treated by police when he was arrested on the allegations that he forced himself on the men without their consent, alleging that police denied him bail which the court granted, police denied him legal representation, instead, an arresting officer demanded K500000 to set him free.

Last week, various religious groups held protests against homosexuality marriages.
The case will be heard for three days.

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