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Malawian poem ‘Imfa’ hits over 0.7 million downloads

Imfa, an emotional poem by a Malawian poet-cum radio personality Noel Mkwaila, has become the first poem to reach over 700,000 downloads on Umatha Daily.

The bombshell was released on April 1, last year and was produced by multi-talented producer Alfred Tambala of Tammah records from Chiwembe in Blantyre.

The poem tackles the subject of death, a theme feared globally, across the social and age divide.

However, in a recent interview Mkwaila, stressed that the poem is not a fearful arsenal to humanity, but serves as a reminder to the young and the old, that death awaits them all.

Written and recited in the Vernacular Chichewa, Imfa [death] talks of how the human race – young and old – should be reminded of the fact that no one is spared from the demise of life experience.

The punch of the powerful message that dominates the poem is instantly felt in the first stanza that goes like: Nthawi zina itenga nsalamangwe pa dzikoli, Igwetsa mitu ya banja, Siyang’ana ophunzira, kapena wosaphunzira, Imfa! – Meaning: “Death is capable of destroying the mankind regardless background and status in society”.

The choice of words, rhymes, coining of scenarios, and expression coining is superb, no wonder, the response on Umatha website is overwhelming.

Download and listen to the poem via the following link:

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