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APM ayimanso chabwino, koma sazawinanso

By Greyson Chapita

The Author Chapita interviews Mutharika

Yesterday I had the “privilege” of sharing a table with a senior DPP official who is one of those “APM ayimanso” campaigners….. For the sake of this article, let us call him Official K.

We spent some good 2 hours talking around the issues, where he explained why he is for APM standing again in 2025, and his involvement in the campaign. He has his many reasons anyway.

According to “Official K”, APM must appear on the ballot in 2025 if DPP is to bounce back into power, and the guys are adamant about it.

Asked if they have the blessings of APM on this, his response was clear, “APM has told us that if people really want him to stand, and they give him an assurance of victory in 2025, then he will respect the will of the people”

Ladies and gentlemen, I can confirm that the “APM ayimanso” campaign has officially received blessings from PAGE House.

Amalawi anzanga, allow me to share this bad news to the APM ayimanso campaigners.

That APM ayimanso ku convention ya DPP we know. If he doesn’t, fair and good. But if he does, which looks certain thus far, he will eventually win because at that point the stage would have been set for his comeback already.

But the bad news is that in 2025, if APM officially decides to stand, he should be ready to get another embarrassing defeat… Dude will be panel beaten, humiliated, like he has never known before. And trust me, the beating he will get in 2025 will even affect him, at 85..

To add on that; on the road to the 2025 elections, MCP will feast on him and his family like vultures. They will squeeze him real bad.

And I hear ayamba kale kugawanako ma udindo, ena azipatsa kale u runningmate.

Meanwhile, if Mutharika has never seen a movement that stood to challenge some of his decisions before, let him watch the “APM sayimanso” movement. He will be shocked.

This movement will shove him out, but, i repeat, but, if he insists on standing again, against the wishes of well meaning DPP supporters osati awa omanama kuti APM ayimanso chifukwa cha dyera awa, azawona zomwe anamuonetsa SKC in 2020. The only difference is that iyiyi ife tomwe ma boys ake tizakhiya nawo.

The best APM should do is to lead his troops to giving his party a good candidate, thats all.

APM ayimanso chabwino, koma APM sazawinanso…

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