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When the Centre Cannot Hold…


In the history of Malawi, there has never been a government that came to power with a huge political capital in form of public support than the Tonse / MCP government. The support this government had, is unmatched.

Strangely there has never been a President and Government that has lost popularity fast as the Tonse / MCP. Just two years in power, there is huge regret and guilty in the people that woke up in the early morning of 23rd June 2020 and thought they were voting a new Malawi.

President Chakwera and MCP has proved that public perception is perishable. Trust is an expensive commodity. Imagine that they have invested millions into social media presence, and all media houses supporting the government. At worse they applied a draconian law in closing media houses that are deemed critical to it.

There has never been a President in Malawi who appears in the media and TV frequently like Chakwera. Even the state house came up with ridiculous routine briefings. And the Ministry of Information not wanting to be left out came up with Government facing the Press.

All this has not stopped the downward sloop of the public perception and loss of trust from the public. It has reached an extent that speeches made by Chakwera is failing to convince the people and everything being said is treated as lies and dishonest.

Has the Government ever asked themselves why we have reached this state of decline? Where the people are so tired and only wish the elections were tomorrow to vote you out?

President Chakwera and the government has reached the levels where every action and pronouncements is under scrutiny and doubted by the citizens. Every decision of the government is measured with a pinch of salt.

The truth is simple, the train has left the railway track it’s now derailed. Don’t be fooled by opinions on social media of your few paid up articles, the resentment of the masses is real and growing as each day passes.

The work of your hands is bearing testimony you’re your worst enemy as the rubble is amongst your rank and file . They created the mess and lie that they can clean the very mess they have created. Corruption is a cancer it eats you slowly and eventually the inevitable will take place.

You embarked on a futile project against Martha Chizuma and this will be the downfall of this government. Don’t be cheated, that what Martha was doing was a regime change. Martha was just doing her job of fighting graft and since majority of the thieves were caught on the wrong side of the law, and that they had ears of President Chakwera, used fear to have an obsession and belief that Martha Chizuma was out to let the government fall.

President Chakwera, not all is lost. But in order for you to get back on right path, there are consequences to bear. Tough choices to be made. Excess baggage to let go and right counsel to listen to.

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