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Western Diplomats shun Chakwera after Chizuma’s interdiction…As US stops all its staff from interacting with Malawi Govt


President Lazarus Chakwera’s decision to suspend Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma has riled the Western donors who on Thursday shunned his National Economic Conference.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office official from the United Kingdom who was expected to attend the 2063 meeting did not turn up.

During break away panels where some of the development partners were supposed to appear they also failed to turn up despite confirmation according to an insider at National Planning Commission.

All Western Ambassadors also shunned the event. Chakwera avoided mentioning the word “corruption” despite being among the challenges the Agenda 2063 Malawi has to address. He looked very unsettled.

The fallout from Chizumas arrest included a threat of economic sanctions and travel ban from the USA mission in Malawi, according to Attorney General Thabo Nyirenda statements to the Commission of Inquiry.

The Investigator Magazine has been made privy to information circulating within US Government agencies restricting its staff and agencies from contacting Malawi Government.

A list of travel bans to the USA is said to be being prepared and President Chakwera and his cronies are expected to be among those banned. Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba suspended Chizuma on Janaury 31 a move the Malawi Law Society has is void.

The Investigator Magazine will publish the full proposed list at 8pm Malawi time.

The Magazine can also confirm to have recieved a cache of documents that implicate Chakwera and some of his closes aides in several documents. We are verifying the contents.

US and UK missions in Malawi have been contacted for comment. This is a developing story.

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