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Chakwera resets his 2025 prospects with youth empowerment, as APM loses future leader in Owen Chomanika to Chakwera

CHOMANIKA: Productive young politician

The much awaited lean cabinet as promised by President Lazarus Chakwera has turned out not to be.

However, President Chakwera has made some good sweeping changes to his cabinet, bringing in more youths in his 27 member cabinet, dropping seven Ministers whom some were very much pompous and untouchable.

President Chakwera has assured the youths in this country that he will take care of them by naming more young people in governance and political spaces. A big lesson to DPP.

CHAKWERA: Has seen potential in Chomanika

DPP has to learn on how to nurture their youths in strategic decision making bodies rather than using them as square pens and zombies while maintaining some outdated and disfigured politicians who can not even stand on a podium for 5 minutes reading a prepared speech.

Losing Owen Chomanika, a chancellor college graduate, social scientist is a big blow to former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his party. Owen has been darling to many youths in DPP for his unmatched skills. Owen was supposed to be in Cabinet during DPP time but he was ignored by selfish leaders opting for people like Salim Bagus who contributed almost nothing to the Party and cabinet. After being dropped he migrated to MCP.

Vera Kamtukule: Another youthful politician

It is clear that Chakwera has seen potential in Chomanika which DPP deliberately ignored. Engaging such energetic and vibrant youths is a plus to Chakwera. DPP must stop spurning the youth and blocking their path to a better political life. No wonder some are still calling Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to stand for their personal glory and not the nation. Owen’s ‘departure’ must teach them a bitter lesson. Koma paja samamvatu!

In terms of its scope and political messaging, Chakwera’s reshuffle is on spot. Dumping politicians with strong grassroots connection like Mkaka, Kaliati, Mtambo among others is another political score for Chakwera.

CHIMWENDO: Another productive youthful minister

So far youths in his cabinet are as follows: Chimwendo Banda, Uchizi Mkandawire, Sosten Gwengwe, Vera Kamtukule, Moses Nkukuyu, Owen Chomanika, Simplex Chithyola, Sam Kawale, Deus Gumba among others. These youths have something to prove to nation that the responsibility bestowed on them won’t be in vain as more young people look forward to their abilities.

Will DPP learn from this?

Simplex Chithyola

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