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ANOTHER MAN DOWN: Form 2 student dies in girlfriend’s room after sleep over

…body referred to QECH for full postmortem

Dead body in a mortuary

Police in Phalombe district have referred the body of a form 2 student who has been found dead in his girlfriend’s room to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre for a full postmortem.

Phalombe Police Public Relations Officer, Jimmy Kapanja has identified the deceased as 22-year old Joseph Madeya who was a student at Australia Private Secondary School in the district.

According to Kapanja, on Sunday evening the deceased went to his girlfriend for a sleep over. On Monday morning the boss of the deceased’s girlfriend noted that the girl did not report for duties which forced her to check her room.

“She went to her room where she called her but she did not respond. Then she opened the door of the room she was surprised to see that the girl was still sleeping and looked very weak.

When she was asked, she said she was suffering from abdominal pains then she alerted her neighbours who came and witness the scenario,” said Kapanja

He added: “By the time neighbours came they found her vomiting, and besides her was James who was unconscious.”

When the time police officers visited the scene accompanied by a Clinical officer from Phalombe district hospital, they found him produced foams from the mouth and nostrils.

The clinical officer from Phalombe District Hospital confirmed that death was due to Organophosphate poison.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s girlfriend (name withheld) is receiving treatment at Phalombe District Hospital.

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