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Thank you Thom Mpinganjira and FDH for supporting JB initiative, Malawian Women


At MCP rally in Mangochi last year, Joyce Banda made a special complaint to the president to look into neef loans as many Malawians couldn’t access them. Yesterday, FDH has signed a compact with Market Women Activities Initiatives (MWAI) for a revolving fund of K1 billion where individual women or groups shall access loans of up to K3 million across Malawi. This is a sign of loss of trust by Joyce Banda on Chakwera.

Unlike neef, where they would look at your tribe, party affiliation or if you have a recommendation from Mkaka or Chimwendo, all business women are to have an access of the loans. There won’t be a scenario of Lilongwe only consuming 60% of the loans, and 40% shared by the remaining 27 districts. It happens when you zimwalerize neef loans accessibility.

I was stitches when neef officers were chased in Kabudula, Lilongwe. Neef must be too dumb by prioritizing their loans to chewas and MCP, it was obvious those people will feel entitled and secured to service the loans.

We thank Thom Mpinganjira and FDH for rolling out this initiative to improve the livelihood of Malawian women impoverished by Chakwera government. We also appeal further to consider the youth with similar initiative. We are proud for our black Malawian billion, the services rendered to Malawians are remarkable.

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