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CABINET RESHUFFLE: Mr President, Mtambo should be replaced not chopped

By Hope Mezuwa

Mtambo in black suit

In the looming cabinet reshuffle, one Timothy Mtambo should not be dropped. He should rather be moved to a different ministry. Whether or not he has performed is subject for further analysis.

But, like I wrote here when these cabinet appointments were made, it wasn’t a very good idea to me to have Mtambo as a political head for unity and civic education in Malawi. He is a misfit.

Here is someone who just emerged from leading one of the country’s fierce, controversial and arguably divisive movements and demonstrations. He was largely viewed as either a hero or a villain by rival groups, regions and population.

Just how, in our good wisdom, did we regard such a person fit to preach unity and to civic educate? Would he be fully acceptable among stakeholders and the general public? Would his message be considered sincere and genuine?

Nope, not with Malawians who still looked up to him as a savior and still expected him to support demos against his own government. They feel betrayed and duped by him.

He should be maintained in a different role. His present role doesn’t accord him the chance to demonstrate his best form. He was misplaced. In that role, there’s need for someone who won’t even need security to approach people. A people’s person.

Also, MCP, now more than ever needs a vote in the North. Ideally they should have been strategic, grooming him to become a political heavyweight in that region. The Northern vote could be that +1. A missed opportunity yes, but there’s still room to do better.

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