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LEAVE JULIUS ZIMWANDA MITHI ALONE, you can’t force people to be MCP supporters in this era


Civil Service Act is one of the acts that needs review as of yesterday. It was formulated during MCP era of error. It was purposed to oppress freedom of expression, make citizens working for government live in fear, trembling, without freedom in line with MCP cornerstones – Respect, Obedience and Loyalty.

A civil servant is a Malawian, first and foremost, he enjoys all rights as every Malawian without interruption. A civil servant has the right to enjoy freedom of expression. Freedom of expression doesn’t mean expressing one’s views for government as other civil servants are doing now, he can also express his views against government, he is entitled as a Malawian. We had a similar case in the past with late Blandina and government lost.

My advice to MCP morons is this is a democratic era. Don’t expect every civil servant to sing and praise you, some, actually many, will not side with you, it’s their right as long as they are meeting the KPIs of their job. If you want to get more Malawians on your side including civil servants just do what is right. There are upright civil servants who are not ready to clap hands for thieving ministers and Chakwera’s friends and family. Accept it.

I stand with Julius Zimwanda Mithi . He is being victimized for exercising his rights. You can’t force people to be MCP supporters in this era.

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