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12 similarities and differences between DPP and MCP



Look at the following similarities between DPP and MCP:

  1. Both are known for nepotism. However MCP is ahead of DPP as ALL children and in-laws of Chakwera either have a government job or business
  2. Both are known for corruption. Under DPP we saw njaunju being killed for pursuing corruption cases involving senior officials. Under MCP we see Martha being terrorised on a day she was supposed to arrest 4 MCP ministers
  3. Both are known for failure to resolve food insecurity where under Chakwera is worst of all
  4. Both are known for politicization of government businesses and jobs
  5. Both are known for total failure to empower women and youths except those coming from their respective tribal lineages.

Look at the following differences:

  1. Under DPP, Forex was readily available. An application of forex was approved and paid within 48 hours for all the years under DPP now, it takes at least 1 month
  2. Under DPP, kwacha was stable it stayed on K720 to a dollar for over 2 years. That’s not a mean achievement, Chakwera doubled the rate for the worse.
  3. Despite inheriting a double digit inflation of over 30%, DPP reduced the rate to a single digit of 8% which resulted in citizens buying most basic commodities at very cheap prices, i.e. sugar at K500 now at K1500, fuel at K580 now at K2000, bread at K3000 now at K1500, cooking oil at K1800 now at K7000 among others
  4. DPP worked hard to make Malawi a food secure nation where it ensured AIP fertilizer was cheaper at K5000 now at K15000 and shop price at K18000 now at K80,000.00 a bag. Not only were we food secure, a lot of youths joined farming and made an easier sustainable livelihood besides creation of jobs, the situation is negative now.
  5. Despite blackouts hitting us, DPP nearly resolved it through upgrading of Kapichira hydro, Salima Solar project, Agrikko gensets, kamwamba coal power generation, as MCP has not undertaken any innovative strides to resolve blackouts.
  6. There were massive infrastructural developments that created millions of jobs under DPP. Under MCP most projects stalled due to lack of funding and people are losing jobs.
  7. Very few companies closed under DPP and we added few more others on the grid, yet under MCP big companies are closing down each passing month.

When you look at these, with more others, you would surely agree with me that evidence has it that DPP is lesser evil than MCP despite sharing critical weaknesses and MCP has no single strength over DPP.

But, in our search for perfection, we are going beyond these two entities. We can resolve most these standing out challenges through supporting a movement. A movement is not individual, movement is owned by the people. People have powers over their leader. You can stand and criticise your leader, I have, on several occasions criticised Chilima, but a DPP supporter can’t criticise Muthalika neither MCP supporter criticising Chakwera, they are gods of their party.

If Malawi is to move forward, then herewith the man to move us up to the other level. Creativity, innovativeness, boldness, hardworking, result orientedness, are all but best qualities in him. Let pastors continue memorising and reciting stories from the Bible, let serious minds handle government.

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  1. Chilima is a failler. He was given minister of economic planning, Instead of our economy picking up it went down on its knees at Chilima’s watch. On top of that he has been entangled in zuneth satar corruption. Tell us about someone else not Chilima.


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