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PARAMOUNT CHIEF GOMANI V HAILS STANDARD BANK: calls for concerted efforts in restoring nature

Paramount Chief Gomani V of the Maseko Ngoni has hailed Standard Bank, which is one of the leading financial institutions operating in the country, for moving forward in restoring and conserving the environment.

Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V was speaking recently at Ntcheu Secondary School when the bank was making a donation of 20,000 pine tree seedlings to the Paramount Chief and Dedza District Council respectively.

In his remarks, the chief called upon the government, the corporate world and communities to join hands in planting trees as one way of restoring natural beauty and improving rainfall as part of the realization of Malawi 2063.

Paramount Gomani, who went on in calling upon authorities to be following up on the planted trees so that the survival rate is improved, added that the issue of restoring forests in the country requires everyone’s support hence the need to join forces.

“For example last year we planted 20,000 trees, most of which have survived, I can assure the corporate world that if they can give us seedlings we are capable of making sure that all the trees survive.

“These seedlings are a sign of hope, and one day they will grow into a tree that will provide materials and shade for our people,” said Chief Gomani, who is also Champion for Environmental Sustainability

Effie Malange, Head of Platform Business at Standard Bank, said the donation of tree seedlings speaks volumes of how the bank is committed to contributing to the country’s social-economic development.

She added that the donation underscores Standard Bank’s historic commitment to investing in the environment as a way of unlocking and securing a sustainable, healthy and ecologically friendly nation.

“The Bank believes that it is an active leader in society and takes action in various key areas. With a rise in the effects of Climate Change – it is within the Bank’s agenda to support communities and Government in various reforestation initiatives, in this case through the Ngwenyama and Dedza District Council,” said Malange

Malawi President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera inaugurated the 2021/2022 national tree planting season in Dowa District. The country earmarked to plant 40 million trees this season.

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