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Congratulations Nigerian Actress Rita Dominic But…

By Rfred Manjawira

Two Black Africans flying all the way from Nigeria just to have a White wedding in the United Kingdom(UK).

Think of making it in Africa but leaving the community that enthroned you and do the spending in the UK.

Think of why Europeans, Asians and Americans never fly to Africa for their wedding except for some researches in the name of tourism.

Africans in diaspora, what beneficial thing do you do to Africa if not just pride or coming in December for other people’s girlfriends or to give noise on expensive perfumes and hair??

Think of being African but supporting Portugal over Senegal in World Cup. I don’t want thoughts of fantasy. I want us to think deep on economic effects of all this.

Whatever reasons and justifications you may think over this but the fact is that the thinking and actions of Africans in almost everything is what makes Africa fail.

Congratulations Rita Dominic but as your fan, I would love to see this beautiful day of yours happening somewhere in Abuja, Nigeria or on African Island like Zanzibar. It has got huge impacts on African society.

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