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MALAWI CABINET ASSESSMENT PART II: Today we feature Kazako, Mkaka, Mtambo

Chakwera chairing a cabinet meeting at State House

Every Malawian now agrees that President Lazarus Chakwera is incompetent. His cabinet is also incompetent. We are still assessing Chakwera’s cabinet ministers who are contributing to his incompetence. Sometimes, eeer, we would want to believe Everton Chimulirenji would have done a better job, but that is a story for another day. Today we asses these three ministers;

Gospel Kazako

Kazako: He is obsessed with scapegoat-ism

If Gospel is competent elsewhere, he has found politics his nemesis. How do you spin all this mess of corruption, of chronic forex shortage, fuel crisis, an incompetent President and his incompetent government? No wonder every time he speaks to try to clean up the mess of this administration, he will go needlessly windy and verbose and attempt to explain away everything by blaming the current situation on the past administrations. He is obsessed with scapegoat-ism. Opening and closing workshops and visiting community radio stations is not performance. On his watch, Malawi News Agency remains a churner of state propaganda. The Directorate of Information is dead.

Eisenhower Mkaka

MKAKA: Nothing much to write

His office of Secretary General at Malawi Congress Party headquarters was enough, assuming he performs in that capacity.

Timothy Mtambo

MTAMBO: He is haunted by the ghosts of his past when he specialized in disuniting and maiming people

He got his reward as a Chakwera apologist when the President created a ministry for him as a way of thanking him for helping him to snatch power from the bumbling Peter Mutharika. In that capacity, he has overseen the creation of National Unity and Peace Day and formulated a policy in that respect. There are arguments out there that Mtambo will do anything possible to impress Malawians that he is passionate about peace and unity because he is haunted by the ghosts of his past when he specialized in disuniting and maiming people and that trying to show that he loves peace and unity is meant to cover up his true character as an eternally hateful person.

In our next assessment we will handle Richard Chimwendo Banda, Vera Kamtukule and Harry Mkandawire

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  1. Nkaka the king pin of all corruption in the Tonse government..full of range and his face has all the marks of a bad person. If we had rule of law this man was supposed to be serving his time in jail.
    Chimwendo Banda. The terrorist. He has recruited party youth leaguers into the Malawi Police service who are giving the police a bad name


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