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From the wall of Rev John Chilembwe: “Depression is real but…”

CHILEMBWE: Let’s show that we care for everyone around us

It is really not helping when we put posts like ”depression is real” when literally we are doing nothing.

I believe the issues of stress and Depression will be past us if we treat it with urgency, I mean real urgency and not pretence.

We should add a little more of Love within our circles, regardless of who the person is, we should even extend it more to those who seem to be a distance from us.

Enough with the news corner thing, breaking news and gossips, let’s sit and reason as to why this person is doing this.

Depression has signs and symptoms, let swallow our pride and start recognizing these signs from our friends and help them with comfort and encouragements.

Before we judge somebody who has shown a stupid behavior let’s sit find out why he or she is acting like that.

Let’s show that we care for everyone around us, in our work places and even in schools and markets.

Failing to do that, let’s anticipate for more suicide cases and we blame depression instead of blaming our lack of love.

In our pages, let’s post something that spread love and encouragement other than breaking news and scandals; let’s preach about love and care.

It’s about time that we should not thing of how strong or intellect our neighbors can be, let’s check on them, and see what is happening in their life.

Until we show love, then we can sit down and sip a cup of jokes and say, it is well with my Soul.

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