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‘Izathela Ma Penalty’ Trending on TikTok with Over 0.2 Million Viewers

A track done by a Phalombe based musician Gibo Pearson titled ‘Izathera Ma Penalty’ has won the hearts of many Malawians and Zambians on TikTok.

The song ‘Izathera Ma Penalty’ which was released some days is also topping local charts and has become a household song.

A verse in the song which has ‘bewitched’ people’s heart goes; “Ukazangoyesa kundisiya, mzakupengesa misala iwe kuthesa ine kukuloza zanga cheteee, Osazayesa kundisiya mzakupondesa kasipa iwe kuthesa ine kukuloza zanga pheeee, Izathela ma penalty baby.”

According to a mini survey conducted by Malawi Voice (, the song has over 244, 000 viewers on TikTok and over 50,000 downloads on YouTube and other platforms.

Izathera Ma Penalty’ TikTok videos can be accessed via:

According to, artists and content creators can earn money when their artistic work or music is used by TikTok.  

“TikTok is paying three cents for each new video in which your song is played, it would take 100,000 videos using your music for you to earn $3,000,”cited the site.

On TikTok, having a song played a million times on one remarkably viral TikTok post is far less beneficial than having your song played on 1 million posts.

TikTok ranks as the 6th most-used social media platform worldwide, with over 1 billion active users as of January 2022.

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