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Off KITA’S WALL: Malawians Lucky to Have Dr. Namadingo

By Wapona Kita

Am not a fan of Namadingo {Dr. Patience Namadingo) but I found myself in Lusaka, Zambia  last weekend and everywhere I went I was being told how lucky we are to have Namadingo as a Malawian. The people there believe he is Zambian.

That in Lusaka he is guy who can sleep in any hotel for days on end without being charged because it would be an honour for a hotel to host him.

He {Dr. Namadingo) can walk into any shop and get anything and his fans will pay for it.

And the other week I was in Johannesburg in South Africa and the taxi guy taking me back to airport asked me, do you know Prophet Shepherd Bushiri? ( Highly respected Malawian prophet).

Dr. Namadingo is a celebrated Zambian based Malawian musician. He was born on 28 May, 1989.His latest songs include “Pefekiti”, “Sugar”, “Maury” and many more.

The Ma Plan Hit Maker, Namadingo was given an honorary doctorate by the University of South Africa in 2020 and since then he has been using the “Dr” title.

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