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Malawians, the choice of people the president surrounds himself with tells a story…

Bashir Ali Bashir

She has been arrested on suspicion that she is a human trafficking agent. On this photo, arrowed Martha Kalazi Mbewe was working hand in hand with our president.

Going into the gallery, you will meet another picture of the president with his aide Chaima. Today Chaima is answering corruption charges in court where he made a statement that the president was sending him.

Somewhere, you shall meet another picture of Chakwera with his aide Pastor Thom, Pastor Thom got himself trouble when he was caught to have smuggled a bill into parliament.

Elsewhere, you shall meet Pastor Martin shoulder to shoulder with Chakwera. Pastor Martin is assemblies pastor. He was involved in fraudulent contracts that led to covid funds being embezzled.

Not to mention that his right hand man, Kapondamgaga, is on the list of benefiting from Sattar, the British citizen.

And I am closing with Chakwera’s aide who “borrowed” K350 million from an Indian with a promise of returning the funds in a few days and fellow state House officials witnessed the transaction.

Malawians, the choice of people the president surrounds himself with tells a story. I wish you a productive week without fuel, electricity, water, Forex but blessed with high inflation. God is about to send manna, that’s where we are on the journey to Kenani

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