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Chakwera thought leadership was easy and straightforward

By Marvin Matola

The most unfortunate thing Malawians need to know is that “Chakwera is not a leader nor is he a politician”. He is merely a person who continued dreaming of becoming a head of state just because other capable individuals did it and were successful.

He thought leadership was easy and straightforward. At times it becomes straightforward depending on the team you put together to work for you. If you choose GAGA like what he has himself surrounded with, then delivery of any sort is impossible.

Anytime soon the country is going to ground to a halt in all the services. Right now we are surviving on borrowed finances and time. This was affirmed by the NOCMA Director who said the country has run out of Forex but has enough MK which unfortunately cannot be used to import goods and services.

To worsen things, the little there is unreasonably getting depleted by poor planning by the inexperienced people put together by the Principal. Now because the services and infrastructure were left unattended when this administration engaged their spending gear, it is literally impossible to start rectifying or repairing the whole mess.

Every penny they borrow or is collected by MRA goes straight into spending and enrichment. The next thing will be people eating each other due to lack of food.

If Chakwera was a politician, things would have been alright politically, and if he was a leader at least the economic side of the equation could have been ticking. The person is none of the above hence all the helter-skelter stance all Malawians are subjected to.

Day in, day out spending time on Petrol Garages with jerricans to buy a drop of it whose acquisition is being controlled and guarded by the Police.

Word of solace to Malawians is “Continue to persevere till 2025 for we deliberately chose this calamity ourselves. We embraced a hyena in a goats-skin.

Yes, kutaya Nkhwali kuthamangira nkhanga kutsatira mawanga”. Chizungu ndi anyamata oganiza bhoo atigwiritsa fuwa la moto. Awa kutibera sanati chifukwatu anthuwa anali osauka kwa zaka 26. Pano akufuna kusoka zigamba za zaka 26 mu zaka 5, zithekaaa? Your guess is as good as mine.

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