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ON THE IMF: Borrowing from the Chinese is not the answer for now

Dr. Daniel Dube

Intelligent and out of the box solutions can be used to leverage the approximately $20million dollars that we the diaspora are sending home every month.There is also an additional $10million dollars or more that may be gotten through informal channels.

We can potentially create clever instruments that can stimulate investment from this community.

Like the IMF we also need to discuss structures that will safe guard this national asset.


2- Implementation of civil service reforms

3- targeted income generating development initiatives

4- leveraging on the leadership skill sets of the best of Malawi who are inside and outside to spearhead development and economic reforms.

5- Austerity

Does anyone in the administration feel brave enough to challenge the diaspora? The time is now.

We have enough brain power inside and outside the country to lift ourselves out of this mess. Borrowing from the Chinese is not the answer for now.

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